Provide Customers With Marketing Content They Can Really Use

Insurance email marketing has become a cornerstone of any firms communication program, and is likely to continue having a strong place in the advertising arsenal, considering that its an easy way to reach a broad audience on a budget-friendly basis. Its one thing to share content about products and services, but at the same time its a good idea to send readers some health and safety advice that they can really use. Why not start with some key information about the very device on which prospects and clients are reading the firms messagetheir cell phone.

Some quick tips to pass on

File this under gross, but studies show that the average cell phone is literally crawling with germs, to the point where that device that people are holding against their face (and right near their mouth, no less) has about 10 times more germs than the typical toilet seat has! People can use cloth wipes made of a special microfiber designed to sanitize the surface without scratching the screen or otherwise damaging the phone.

ICE isnt just to create cold drinks, it stands for in case of emergency, and its an entry that everyone should have on his or her phone. In the event of an emergency, first responders often check the victims phone for contact information, and will look under ICE to find it.

Study after study shows how safe driving is compromised when people are distracted by attempting to text or talk while they are behind the wheel. In fact, a recent study found that even talking hands-free on a headset was just as distracting as holding the phone; either way, drivers reaction time was increased, which means that the likelihood of an accident increased as well. Running a stop sign or missing another key informational sign, striking a pedestrian, or hitting another vehicleall of these dangerous and possibly deadly occurrences happen more frequently when peoples attention is divided between the conversation and the surroundings.

Company messaging: remember the whats in it for me?

Keep in mind that email is just a mechanism to share content with ones audienceits the content that has to stand on its own merit. By sharing information such as cell phone safe practices, readers will actually look forward to receiving a companys insurance email marketing messages, knowing that content will include information that they can immediately use to benefit their lives, safeguard their property, or protect their health.